What’s Your Flavour?

by Rebekah Wilkinson

When I was a kid, growing up in Ontario, I loved to drive out to the country with my family to one of the local hotspots. This place wasn’t advertised or known to people passing through town but it became a family tradition to the locals. Eager with anticipation, on Sunny summer Sunday afternoons we would pile into the car and drive down the country road to the popular dairy farm where the parking spots were hard to find and the lineup extended out the ice cream shop door.

For just $2 you could get a massive scoop of ice cream balanced on a sugar cone. With close to 40 flavours to choose from, everyone in line buzzed about what icy treat they were going to select. Every time we ventured to this hang-out place, no matter how other people would recommend the strawberry shortcake or blueberry cheesecake,  I couldn’t help but order a gigantic single scoop of chocolate chip ice cream, my favourite ice cream flavour. To this day, I can still taste the vanilla cream with the chunks of chocolate that crunched or melted on your tongue. Is your mouth watering yet?

Wandering around an art gallery can have the same effect. Seeing all the different styles of art is a virtual feast for the eyes. There are some pieces that naturally draw you in like my favourite chocolate chip ice cream flavour. Other pieces of art don’t appeal to me just like any ice cream flavour that has nuts. But just because I know many people who are addicted to peanut butter parfaits doesn’t mean that their tastes are inferior to mine. Similar to choosing your favourite flavour of ice cream, taste in art is a personal choice and can be unique to you as your individual taste buds.

Any one up for a big scoop of Angelina Wrona? For me, I think I shall have a scoop of Lora Zombie with a mix of Alex Cherry and Dalton Brown on a David M cone. What’s your flavour?


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