Hidden Moves

“Artist Rhys Owens grew up in the Rubik’s Cube generation and developed his creative talents by decorating the faces of his sister’s dolls with a ballpoint pen. His unique aesthetic, which is at once dark, whimsical, and delightful; features a cast of characters created with photography, illustration, and digital designs.”

– excerpt taken from the “Art from the Underground Fall 2012 Collection” Catalogue

"Astro Bear"

“Astro Bear”

"Black Toad"

“Black Toad”

"Eye of the Tiger"

“Eye of the Tiger”

"Fight or Flight"

“Fight or Flight”

"Office Warfare"

“Office Warfare”

"One Blind Mouse"

“One Blind Mouse”

"Panda No. 3"

“Panda No. 3”

"The Morning After"

“The Morning After”

"Urban Spaceman"

“Urban Spaceman”

Contact Apple Art Works for sizes, pricing, and framing options.

(NOTE: The colours may not be exact to the physical image.)


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