Lora Zombie

“Lora Zombie is a young, self-taught artist from Russia who has acquired a massive following of fans online over the past few years. Now she is breaking into the gallery scene and is branching far outside her home.

Influenced and inspired by music, her multidisciplinary talents are evident in the diverse work found in her portfolio.”

– excerpt taken from the “Art from the Underground Fall 2012 Collection” Catalogue

Falling Caused By Unicorn

Falling Caused By Unicorn – New

Adventure Time

Adventure Time – New


Whatever – New

Swan Lake

Swan Lake – New

Panda Tree

Panda Tree – New

Old Man Punk and Violin

Old Man Punk and Violin – New

Mr. Rat

Mr. Rat – New

Follow The Unicorn

Follow The Unicorn – New

Mr. Bumblebee

Mr. Bumblebee – New

Love is...

Love is…

Creator of the Universe

Creator of the Universe



Mini Unicorn

Mini Unicorn

Space Dog

Space Dog



"All Dogs Go To Heaven"

“All Dogs Go To Heaven”

"Fish and Bird"

“Fish and Bird”

"Love Shock"

“Love Shock”



"Mother Anarchy"

“Mother Anarchy”

"Mr. Tiger"

“Mr. Tiger”

"Red Riding Hood"

“Red Riding Hood”

"Space Cat"

“Space Cat”

"Super Cat"

“Super Cat”

"Tattoo Girl"

“Tattoo Girl”

"Tom Waits"

“Tom Waits”



"Zombie Love"

“Zombie Love”

Contact Apple Art Works for sizes, pricing, and framing options.

(NOTE: The colours may not be exact to the physical image.)


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