Michael Godard

“Michael Godard martini art features olives, grapes, and other frisky characters busily expressing Godard’s slightly off-kilter point of view. With plenty of talent to challenge the ‘serious’ artists, Michael Godard took his own path instead, and chose to ‘learn all the rules and then break them’.”

– excerpt taken from the Artifacts Gallery website http://www.michaelgodard.net/

"100 Dollar Bill"

“100 Dollar Bill”

"Burning Blackjack"

“Burning Blackjack”

"Cherry Cosmo"

“Cherry Cosmo”

"Classic Martini"

“Classic Martini”

"Gangster Martini"

“Gangster Martini”

"He Devil, She Devil, Red Wine"

“He Devil, She Devil, Red Wine”

"He Devil, She Devil, White Wine"

“He Devil, She Devil, White Wine”

"I Smell A Rat"

“I Smell A Rat”

"Lost in Paradise"

“Lost in Paradise”

"Martini Club"

“Martini Club”

"Martini Limbo"

“Martini Limbo”

"Money To Burn"

“Money To Burn”

"No Lifeguard On Duty"

“No Lifeguard On Duty”

"Olive Party 2"

“Olive Party 2”

"Olives Gone Wild"

“Olives Gone Wild”

"Pocket Rockets"

“Pocket Rockets”

"Poker Chips Big Slick"

“Poker Chips Big Slick”

"Pool Shark 2"

“Pool Shark 2”

"Praying For 7's"

“Praying For 7’s”

"The Key To Wine"

“The Key To Wine”

Contact Apple Art Works for sizes, pricing, and framing options.

(NOTE: The colours may not be exact to the physical image.)


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