Wildlife Paintings

"Dozing Lynx"by Robert Bateman

“Dozing Lynx”
by Robert Bateman

The Power of One by Banovich

The Power of One by Banovich

"White Tiger"by Daniel Smith

“White Tiger”
by Daniel Smith

"Shrouded Forest"by Daniel Smith

“Shrouded Forest”
by Daniel Smith

"Through the Firs"by Ron Parker

“Through the Firs”
by Ron Parker

"Silent Quest"by Daniel Smith

“Silent Quest”
by Daniel Smith

"Winter's Retreat"by Larry Fanning

“Winter’s Retreat”
by Larry Fanning

"Call of Autumn"by Daniel Smith

“Call of Autumn”by Daniel Smith

"Crystal Forest"

“Crystal Forest” by Larry Fanning

Momma's Boy by Frye

Momma’s Boy by Frye

"Soul Mates"by Larry Fanning

“Soul Mates”
by Larry Fanning

"Den Mother"by  Carl Brenders

“Den Mother”
by Carl Brenders

"Quiet Time"by Larry Fanning

“Quiet Time”
by Larry Fanning

"Edge of Winter"by Larry Fanning

“Edge of Winter”
by Larry Fanning

Eyes of the Goddess

“Eyes of the Goddess”
by Alexander

"Red Fox"by Joni Johnson-Gadsy

“Red Fox”
by Joni Johnson-Gadsy

"Lepa Zena"

“Lepa Zena”
by Gottfried

Contact Apple Art Works for sizes, pricing, and framing options.

(NOTE: The colours may not be exact to the physical image.)


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