Custom Framing

frame samples4 frame samples

Apple Art Work Frames

All our frames are exclusively designed by Apple Art Works and are milled out of fir just for Apple Art Works by a local wood mill in Kelowna, BC. Every frame is cut, assembled, and stained at the Head Office to suit your piece of art.


At Apple Art Works, we can frame almost anything from your own artwork to a special ordered print to needlework or canvas. We offer a large selection of wood frames to choose from that can be put together to create almost any thickness of frame you desire with glass and matting or simply mounted. 

All of our frames can be changed and customized on all the prints we offer.  Alternate sizes are available on almost all of our prints.  As well, we carry several catalogues you can browse through to find the perfect piece of art.

Types of Prints We Carry

  • abstracts
  • landmarks
  • landscapes
  • nature
  • coastal
  • country
  • wildlife
  • floral
  • kitchen & bath
  • sports
  • vintage
  • figures
  • whimsical
  • Disney
  • museum artists

We do not carry stock frames or do restorative work.  All prices are calculated by size.  Please contact us directly for a quote.


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